Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prom 2011

Last night was Whitney's last prom. We went through multiple dress choices, finding a beautiful blue strapless one that I think she looks gorgeous in. She went and got her hair and makeup done professionally. She even went and got her car cleaned out, spending way too much money on it but it does look good.

The fancy curly hair (lots of hairspray)
That's a lot of dresses
There was a large group of kids going to dinner together. I love how they can get a group together and everyone doesn't have to have a date. Boy when I was in school you didn't go anywhere without one. In fact, I did not go to my prom. I sold my free tickets. It was a good looking crowd that gathered and then went to a fancy restaurant in town.

I learned from last year that the group goes out afterwards for breakfast (I can't even think that late at night) so I was prepared to go to sleep before she got home. But my poor baby was fighting a cold and had to come home because she felt so bad. Luckily it was close to the end of the dance.

I know that she'll have lots of fancy dress parties to go to in college. I hope that she'll be able to use these dresses again then.


  1. Things have changed! I couldn't imagine going with a bunch of girls and no dates when I was in school, either!
    She looks very pretty. Love the dress.
    My 13YO was eyeing the gowns at the mall yesterday, telling me all about what she plans to wear (in 4 or 5 years!).

  2. She looked beautiful!

    My daughter is getting ready for her prom in June.

    It is a fairly new celebration here in the UK, and we are still getting to grips with what is involved for parents.