Monday, May 30, 2011

My Attempt at Crafts

My confession is I'm not very crafty. I have scrapbooked but not for years. I used to do cross-stitch but then I got bored with it.

Whitney had to have a white dress last year for a photo. She did not own one and I would never have bought one. White is not her color. I hated to do it, but we found a reasonably priced dress that I thought was a nice shape so we bought it. It was eyelet lace over a cotton dress. Very summery and I loved the neckline and back. I knew that she would never wear the dress again. So the dress hung in her closet for months.

I did always love the shape, so since it was white I suggested that we dye it. I've never dyed anything. I've never tie-dyed anything. So this would be a new experience. But since she would never wear the dress again, if something went wrong we were only out the cost of the dye. Michael's had a nice selection of dyes and I had a coupon so it only cost $2. But then I had to buy a bigger bucket because I was scared to use my washing machine and never get it clean.

Yesterday we followed the instructions. We took the bucket to the front yard so any spills would be in the grass. And it went well. No spills and no messes.

Here's what the final product looks like.It was a little darker until we washed it so next time I would probably let it sit darker than I wanted. And the hem stitching and a few other stitches didn't color. But it looks like they are just accent stitches now. I was impressed that the zipper pull dyed.

We are really happy with the result. She will be wearing the dress Saturday for senior recognition at her dance recital.

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