Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bargain shopping

I'm sure most of you like a good bargain. Sale and free are two of my favorite words, just ask my family. So as I walked through Walmart today for the weekly grocery shopping, I stopped at the clothing. I really need a new OU shirt. I didn't like any of them so I kept going towards the dog food. But that took me right by the clearance clothing. I normally wouldn't stop but I caught a glimpse of Greek letters. Who knew Walmart had sorority letters? And they had two shirts for Whitney's sorority for three bucks each. I bought them figuring she can sleep in them or give them away if she didn't like them. Then they had their Halloween tshirts. I wasn't going to get any but then I glimpsed the price tag. I ended up buying two of them. One was 1.32 and the other was 2.39. Can you believe that? I figure even if I wear them only once I got my money's worth.

Then i was passing the row that had the fall decorations. I figured they would only clearance the Halloween stuff but it was all half off. So I got a little basket of fake mums for 2.50. I almost bought a gravy boat for two dollars but I passed.

So for twelve dollars I bought all of this. The purple tshirt is long sleeve.

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  1. SCORE! When I go to WalMart, I'm in such a hurry to get the heck out of Dodge that I don't wander around in there!