Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fragments - It's Almost the Weekend!

Joining up with Mrs. 4444 for the weekly Friday Fragment segment.

Mommy's Idea

Last night at church we had a comedian named Michael Jr. perform. He was really funny and we had 2,500 people show up for the free show. I ushered and I knew within 5 minutes that it was going to be insane. We set up all the extra chairs and then sent people to one of the side theaters. He did two 45 minute sets. Most people came back after intermission. Best part was that over 50 people raised their hands to accept Jesus. I counted 16 in my sections. Totally amazed at that.

Youtube video

I got my oil changed this week. I had to wait extra long. The dealership recently built a new building and moved down the street. It has a cafe and this:
Yes that is a wall of Chihuly glass. Not what I expect at the Honda place. It also had free wifi.

My job finally got reclassified after 10 months of paperwork. I didn't get the exact title that I wanted but I did get a higher one than I have now. Of course it really doesn't matter since we can call ourselves whatever we want and I already got the salary increase. But it is the principal of the matter.

I keep breaking my nails halfway down and then they rip. I've gone such pretty nails to a hand of stubs. I'm not happy about this and hope that it is not a sign of the upcoming winter. I keep them full of lotion.

Super proud of Whitney. She is the social chair for Relay for Life at OCU. Last night they had a rally and she was live tweeting during it. I love her enthusiasm and commitment.


  1. Man oh man - - - that's a pretty up scale car dealership!!!

  2. hahaha he's too funny! :) I've watched most of his videos on youtube!

  3. oil change wi-fi - now you can blog while changing oil.
    Great clip - I'm passing it on to my sisters.

  4. Congrats on the job classification. We can call ourselves whatever we want as well. I have decided my title should be Queen of Purchasing Cards!

  5. Oh, I'm sure I would thoroughly enjoyed hearing the comedian last night. I love to laugh and especially when the comedian is clean. That's great that folks came to know the Lord.

    Enjoyed your fragments and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. I love dealerships that have free wi-fi!
    Also love seeing young people who are passionate about what they're doing!

  7. Love that comedian! I've never heard of him, but I'm going to be looking him up on you tube!

    That is an upscale dealership!

    Glad you got your new job title ......but the salary increase is what I would like best.

    I'm playing major catch up after being out of town...