Sunday, November 18, 2012

Benjamin Moore Aura paint - Product Review

I'm a Bzzagent and was asked to join a campaign about Benjamin Moore's Aura paint. I had never heard of this paint before I started so I learned about it before accepting. Benjamin Moore has the Green Promise with Eco friendly products. It claims to have low odor and low VOCs. So I signed up and got a coupon for a free gallon of paint and several coupons. They sent a big color sample book but it comes in over 3,000 colors so I'm sure I could find something.

After much discussion I decided to paint my utility room. We built our house 19 years ago and have never changed its color. Let me tell you the room looked dingy and dirty. It was quite an embarrassment.

That's the wall behind where my trash can sits. Yucky! I went to the local store that carried Benjamin Moore paints and got several samples. I settled on Melted Ice Cream for the color. The paint store people were super nice; I had never been to that store. I was asked where I got the coupon and I explained the program. Come to find out that the paint costs $63.50 a gallon. That's twice what I normally pay for paint. Sure glad I got that for free.

Since the room was so small I decided to paint by myself. Normally I tape and paint the edges and Dan does the roller. So it took me twice as long as normal to paint the room. Plus we had to move the washer and dryer around a couple of times.

Five hours later I had a fully painted room that I am no longer ashamed of.

Yes, that's the same wall. Minus the dirt!

So here's my product review. There were plenty of colors to choose from. It was easy to use. I had closed the door so I could paint so I was in a low ventilated space and I wasn't knocked over by paint fumes. It dried really fast and true to the color sample. I was able to do just one coat even over my nasty walls. The paint has a built in primer. The only negative was the cost.

Would I buy it if I didn't have a coupon? I don't know. I would really think about the cost benefit compared to the normal paint + primer I get from a big box store.

Disclaimer: I did receive a coupon for a free gallon of paint from bzzagent in exchange for my opinion, as you know I'm more than free with my opinions!


  1. I would find it hard to pay that amount for a gallon of paint, as we generally just buy a high gloss or semigloss gallon of paint for roughly $30, on the occasion we buy it 'new'. In fact, I'm embarrassed to admit that we painted most of our house in the 'oops' paint colors. Which means someone else bought, mixed, took home a color and decided they didn't like it and took it back. We saw it on the shelf and bought it for a fraction of the cost, generally under $10 for the whole gallon.

    But it's good they are trying to be more environmentally friendly.

  2. Honestly, Benjamin Moore is the ONLY paint I buy. The boy's room is all Aura since I don't have much in the way of ventilation in the basement bedrooms.

    In the end, it's pricey... but well worth the money.