Sunday, November 11, 2012

Embassy Row

I usually try to do something new every time I go to Washington, D.C. This year I did go to the cooking expo but wanted to add one other thing. My hotel was near Embassy Row so I took a short walk over after the sessions were over. The homes in DC are spectacular and these were no different.

This is outside the Indonesian embassy.

There are two of these on the bridge just off to the side of Massachusetts Avenue.

This is the most unusual flag I saw. It is from Turkmenistan. I had never heard of that country but figure it was part of the former Soviet Union.

I'm glad I walked around while in DC.

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  1. DC is such an awesome place to walk and people watch. My grandmother grew up three doors down from the white house. So when I am there I get all kinds of family history as well... it's cool to think that my great grandfather had a hand in the history of our country (he was secret service and FBI) not a huge part mind you, but he witnessed it, and lived it everyday.