Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Fragments

Another Friday...another Fragments. Great way to end the week with Mrs. 4444.

Mommy's Idea

Stupid criminal of the week is a woman in Pennsylvania. She was released from jail and went home for a party in her honor for being out of jail. She got mad at her grandmother who gave away her dog while she was in jail. So she beat up her grandmother. Needless to say she went back to jail. I don't think grandma will be throwing her any more get out of jail parties.

The back door is installed! Although I'm not sure we got the right sill/hinges. They seem almost black and we paid for bronze. Maybe I just don't know what bronze looks like?

Whitney has two interviews for internships today. One of them is in town which would be so good to save on driving. The other one could be in town but she might have to go into OKC for some training first. Plus she is going to take one summer course at a community college so she stays on track for her degree.

Planning on making ham, scalloped corn, broccoli for Easter lunch. One of our all time favorite meals.

We have a new grocery store that opened in town...Sprouts. Looking forward to going there and seeing all their products. It is a combination natural grocer/local marketplace. Some of the deals in their sales ad are phenomenal. It is a farther from my house than my normal stops, but I'm willing to go a little farther if I can get super fresh produce at a good price.

I have six posts ready for next month's A-Z Challenge. I got the hard one done already (X)!


  1. Some people are crazy - sounds like that woman never should have gotten out of jail in the first place! ;)

    Sometimes bronze accessories have a protective plastic-like coating on them...maybe that's why it looks more black? Or maybe they gave you the wrong ones...

    Your Easter lunch sounds yummy - I'm making ham and all the fixin's for our Easter dinner. ;)

    Pajama Day, Easter Snafu, April Fool’s Day for Friday Fragments Fun

  2. Easter lunch sounds good! I like our closest grocer, but there are some things I travel to on that's 15 minutes away for because they are specialty items. I used to pass two other grocery stores to shop when I was in Michigan because that was the store with the best produce and best sales, so I totally know what you mean!

  3. Which A-Z challenge will you be doing? I find those hard. I have tried to start a couple, but lose it by G. So much for long term goal success, eh?

    Ok, that is one dumb criminal!! Why on earth would you beat up your granny??? I would never raise my voice to my grandmother, oh no way! It just wasn't done!

    We are having ham too! But the fam is begging green bean cass for a side. I hope you have a great Easter.

  4. As always, I love your stupid criminal updates! What a jewel of a granddaughter that one was! While she's in jail, grandma should pack up all her stuff and have it outside with the locks changed!

  5. We're eating out at an Easter Buffet tomorrow, but I'm fixing ham and cheesy potatoes TONIGHT 'cause it just sounds sooooo good.