Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments time with Mrs. 4444.

Mommy's Idea

Stupid criminal this week is pretty funny. Seems a man called 911 to report a theft. He said a crowbar, a hat and some other stuff were stolen. In reality he had left them at the scene of an attempted robbery. The police put two and two together and arrested the man who called 911 since he basically ratted himself out with the crowbar.

We had an "active shooter" seminar Thursday. I didn't go because I went last year. But this year our drill will be different. "A shelter in place drill was conducted under the scenario of a threat situation on main campus. The upcoming active shooter drill will build upon the 2012 drill and include participation by law enforcement officials with the scenario of an active shooter inside the building. During the active shooter drill, building occupants will have the option to shelter in place or evacuate the building." Doesn't that sound exciting? Not really. I love how they tell you to get into your shelter and not worry about locking the front door (our doors are glass) but when we had the drill we were told that we needed to take the time and lock the door. Not sure what we are going to do this year. Maybe I'll be out of town and not have to worry about it.

And all of the above is because half the building is rented by the federal government and they make them do this kind of stuff. Fun times.

Our work has a cafe...the Flying Cow Cafe. Thursday they had an eating contest for the F5 burrito. 3 flour toritllas, a dozen eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, cheese. Six contestants. 3300 calories. The winner finished in under 15 minutes. I was not here to watch it as I was getting my hair done. I'm glad that there wasn't any unfortunate accidents by the contestants...if you know what I mean.

And of course the reason I had to get my hair done is that I'm flying to Washington DC on Monday for a few days of meetings. Of course what they really need me to do is go balance the U.S. budget and slash spending in the right places. I won't do that but it sure would be nice.


  1. I think I just gained a pound reading the ingredients of that burrito!!!!

  2. 3300 calories! Unless the prize is a week at the Biggest Loser ranch, then I'll pass : )

    Safe travels. I'm fine with you balancing the budget while you're in town. Somebody needs to!!

  3. I like your idea about starting frags on Monday so you don't forget anything.

  4. What a ding dong that criminal was. Jeez!

    Have a wonderful weekend and safe travels.

  5. 3300 calories?! Whoa! I've been counting mine and trying to keep it at 1500 a day (which is a challenge). I broke down yesterday and got a banana pudding shake from Cookout. I regretted it as soon as I got home and checked the calories online...780! I about died. Needless to say, I went over my calories yesterday.

  6. That criminal really was stupid, wasn't he? ;)

    Scary how the world has become so bad that you have to have 'active shooter' seminars and drills. Ugh.

    That F5 burrito sounds crazy - the 6 contestants for an eating contest even crazier. 3300 calories in under 15 minutes? Hope they have a great medical plan! ;)

    Good luck balancing the U.S. budget and slashing spending - you GO! :)

    Another Winter Storm Dud and some Funnies

  7. Oh, my goodness 3300 calories in one sitting is more than I can comprehend!

    Please try to balance the budget while you're there!!!!!

  8. Oh, I wish you could too, even if we don't agree on where to cut and balance. Someone who manages actual finances needs to do it.

    That is ones dumb criminal. Like the guy in TX who broke into a home and called the police because the home owner was holding a gun on him.

    Have fun in DC!!!

  9. Slash that budget chickie! I know you can do it with your stylin new hair!
    Following from FF!

  10. Haha! Stupid criminal definitely sounds stupid. :-D

  11. good stuff here.
    I should call 911 and tell them that a gang of politicians stole the budget. Hey they could probably use the burrito winner to play the active shouter. He/she must be explosive after that.


  12. The flying cow cafe made me remember this little ditty:

    Birdie birdie in the sky
    Drop some whitewash in my eye.
    I won't scream and I won't cry,
    I'm just glad that cows don't fly!!

  13. Good luck on tat balancing the budge gig. I can't imagine eating as much food as was in that F5 burrito, let alone in ONE sitting!