Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Insights

Just a short post about what I've learned already this weekend.

1. We are bad luck for getting deliveries. My new oven did not get in on Friday because the range hood I ordered was out of stock. Maybe next week.

2. New grocery store in town, Sprouts, has some great produce and deals on good meat. I had the best baked sweet potato today and Whitney is raving on the grapes. The chicken breast were almost a pound EACh. They were humongous. I bought two whole chickens and four breasts. I will definitely be going back there for my weekly veggies.

3. My newly installed back door is already sticking so we have to call lowes to come back out and fix it.

I'm going to church tonight to attend and one to serve then serve tomorrow morning at my regular time. Last year 1800 attended the biggest service and they expect that again this year. Yikes.

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  1. What new grocery store store came to town???