Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

So a quick rehash of what happened this weekend.

Taxes are now done and submitted. I figured out that I hadn't entered a couple of numbers (thanks to the checker on the tax program) and ended up with a much bigger refund. And owed the state a small amount. Woohoo! Enough to pay for the new stove/oven we will be getting this month.

And since I finished the taxes, I could submit our financial aid form. I hate that they ask you how much do you have in savings/checking AT THAT MOMENT. I understand what is behind the question but it doesn't take into account a big bill that might be due in a couple of weeks. Anyway I worked it all out.

I got to church and was told that I needed to be in charge of ushers again this week and probably next week. After doing this a few weeks, I realize I like my normal usher job because it is less frenzied. Although with Easter coming up, it will become super hectic. At least church wasn't packed yesterday and we had enough ushers to cover communion.

Saturday I found out that there was going to be a wine tasting RV from a distributor at a local store. I hadn't planned on going but a friend mentioned she might be there. Then she said we could go out for cheesecake afterwards and I was set. Wine was good. Couldn't believe it, but the last bottle was $95. Normally we don't get to taste the expensive stuff. I hate to say it but I liked the $9 bottle better. Probably a good thing for my wallet that I do.

And speaking of my wallet, I am driving Dan nuts with my sales hunting. I'm following a couple of different websites that match coupons to sales and I'm saving money doing it. This week because we are using things we had in the freezer and fridge I only spent $50 for our groceries (and that included some makeup). That's frugality at its finest!


  1. Couponing takes on a bizarre obsession for me... I have to do it in spurts. :) And I think you're A-Z will be fabulous. The down side of doing Pinterest experiments for A-Z is that people who find my blog through the challenge may think that that is what my blog is about, which clearly it is not. I'm gonna have to make up a disclaimer of sorts...

    Love that your taxes are done... makes you feel so much better, no?

  2. Ugh, taxes. I hate to even think of them, but guess I will have to soon. I don't think the news is going to be good this year. :(

    I've always used coupons, but have yet to utilize websites for that kind of thing. I do so much on line, I don't know why I'm resisting that.

  3. How wonderful that you are getting such a big refund :)