Monday, September 23, 2013

Oklahoma State Fair

The weather was gorgeous this weekend so Dan and I went to the state fair on Sunday. We haven't been in years and we decided to people watch and take in things that we hadn't done before.

When we first got there it was about time for the Swifty Swine pig race. Some of the pigs were quite big for little pigs. They race to get an oreo cookie.

And the end of the show is Swifty swimming. Well he jumps halfway into the tank and then swims. He was a little shy about the water but when he took off, he took off.

Next we went to the horse barn to see the Clydesdales. The great thing is they were hitching some of them up and we were in for a treat. The six horse hitch contest. There were ten sets of six horses pulling a wagon. Three different Clydesdales and then some other types of horses. The goal was for the six to look like three from the side. Some of these teams were so in sync with each other. We watched the entire contest for an hour. It was air conditioned in the arena so that was nice.

This is the team that won

After that we wandered into the building with all the winners from the normal fair stuff and saw some interesting categories.

How about this for a shoe?

Then we saw the Four H club entries. They had decorated pumpkins.

To end the day we saw all the fried food. The only thing I got was the cheese curds and they were so good.

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