Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Fragments - Opening Ceremony

Mrs. 4444 hosts our weekly meetup. Go see her and all the others who participate. Look she made a new button too.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Stupid criminal this week was a man who tried to rob a woman of her car. He went into her garage and demanded the key. She gave it to him and went back into the house closing the garage door after her. She called police. Police arrived and man was still in garage. I'm guessing alcohol was involved since he never tried to leave the garage.

Anyone catch the new Olympic sport team figure skating last night? I actually sort of got excited watching it (the Japanese male skater was awesome). I'm going to have to explain this concept over and over to many people I think. Tonight is opening ceremony and Whitney will be home to watch it with me. Woohoo!

You can watch all the events online live if you want to or you can watch the compilation that NBC puts together at night. Nothing will be live at night since they are 9-13 hours ahead (depending on where you live in the US).

Our new bible study got cancelled this week because of weather but that works out because my group added a second choice and this will give me time to have the book shipped to me. I wasn't excited about the first choice but was going to go only to have time with my friends. But now we are going to do Beth Moore's study on Daniel. This sounds much more what I want in a bible study.

Did you know that Wednesday was National Weatherperson's Day. All of my favorite meteorologists were at their annual convention so I couldn't personally thank them for all that they do. Never blame a meteorologist for bad weather. They don't make it...they only forecast and research it. I know...I work with them every single day.

I'm making a conscious effort to dress better for work. I work in a very casual environment where I wear jeans every day. I've gotten into a bad habit of wearing worn out keds all the time and frankly I'm tired of always looking like a poor college student. So I'm trying to make sure and wear nicer shoes. I'll still be in jeans but definitely need to step it up. Of course it is so cold out today that I wore a sweatshirt and tennis shoes to work but I'm trying to keep warm. 

I'm also trying to have conversations with people. When we moved to this building seven years ago I never see anyone anymore. I spend all my time in my office and never run into anyone unless they come see me. So I need to get out and have conversations with others. 

I have my theme for A-Z Blog Challenge narrowed down to three things. I'm really leaning to one of them but I just need to make sure I can come up with all the letters. If so, I think it will be a great series.


  1. dumb criminal - stories are funny when no one gets hurt. Casual dress - I'm all for that. Back in the day, I always tried to find a reason to walk around the office and socialize (bother) co-workers.
    good luck on the A-Z

  2. Now that's a really stupid criminal. haha

    Hoping to watch some of the Olympic stuff! Love the ice skating.

  3. Ha! I guess he couldn't figure out how to open the door!
    I always feel like I do a better job when I dress nicer for work.
    I think I'm just going to go random for my A-Z this year. I have no idea what theme to write on.