Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Fragments - I'm Still Here

It has been another week of craziness and I can't believe this is the first blog post I've written in a week. Yikes. Thank goodness Mrs. 4444 hosts us for lots of randomness because that is what this one will be.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Last Saturday we went shopping for a chair. We came out of the furniture store with a dresser, nightstand, loveseat and dining room set. What's up with that? So I've spent the week posting the used furniture on a variety of websites to try and sell it. I think someone is at the house right now picking up the old bedroom furniture. The dining room table was supposed to be gone last night but the people didn't come. I hope it is gone this weekend.

This is what Whitney's room looks like right now with piles of furniture in it. Good thing she isn't going to be home for a couple of weeks.

 Our new dining room set. Bar stool height means we can pull up a chair to the counter while someone is cooking.

We consolidated a chest and stand up dresser into this. It was clearanced and slightly dinged but exactly what we wanted.

The matching nightstand has drawers so some clothes moved into here. It is taller than my old one. It had one ding in it but you couldn't buy a smaller new one out of a box for less money. I'll take the storage.

We wanted a seating area in our bedroom and this was perfect. Another clearanced item but not the floor model so it is perfectly new.

Now we have to paint the bedroom because the tv left a black mark where it had been (different height). Time to get rid of the floral wallpaper too.

I was able to cook last weekend. We made risotto which I used a recipe but changed things up. It was probably the best I've ever made. 

We also got to meet our new neighbor. It only took 8 months. We had her over for dinner on Sunday. Quite a story and so glad that isn't my life. That's all I'll say about that one.

This week has been so crazy busy at work since I've been covering for my boss's assistant all week. Needless to say I am counting down until the weekend where I will once again not read work emails.

Next week I am off to Seattle for a work trip. Yes it is work but it is away from here where I will be out of touch for awhile. Thank goodness. I'm looking forward to eating as much seafood as I can legally eat.

And we'll end with a stupid criminal. A guy thought it would be a good idea to get an alarm system that would notify the police when it went off. Great except for the fact that he was growing marijuana in the house. And when the police arrived when there was a false alarm they found it. Needless to say, the alarm worked...just not how he hoped it would.


  1. I hope your trip to Seattle is warm not cold and rainy. Thanks for the stupid criminal, always a laugh.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful trip next week. I like the new furniture, especially the love seat.

    I always love reading your stupid criminal stories.

  3. Have a great trip... enjoy that seafood!!

  4. I hope you enjoy eating seafood in Seattle. It's a beautiful city. And yeah, that's one stupid criminal.

  5. I hope you enjoy eating seafood in Seattle. It's a beautiful city. And yeah, that's one stupid criminal.

  6. The furniture looks great! Have a wonderful trip to Seattle.

  7. Not sure why it is but finding a chair is so much harder than finding other types of furniture. It looks like you got some great pieces.Have fun and enjoy your trip.