Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Olympic Moments

Earlier this week I mentioned I had watched a cross-country skier fall down and then someone help him with a new ski. I wasn't the only one who was touched by this story. It went viral. It was a Russian skier and a Canadian coach.

And then there was the gem of the Russian curler faceplanting during a match. You'll have to go to NBC Olympics to watch it.

Today they are having a new sport...Team Luge. At first I didn't understand it but after watching the video about the rules, this looks like a major adrenaline rush. Think swimming relay. The team is a woman, a man and a doubles team. The woman goes down the course first. When she finishes, she high-fives a button over the finish line which opens up the gate at the start for the man to come down. The man does the same thing to start the doubles team. The time stops when the doubles team hits the button. Doesn't that sound exciting? I'm really pumped about it.

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  1. There are some neat stories to come out of this Olympics!