Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday fragments

Thank you Unknown Mami for hosting in Mrs. 4444 place this week.

I love having a three day weekend! Sleeping in and catching up on shopping and other stuff.

I took my mom to buy an iPad since she doesn't think she will be able to use a laptop after she has surgery. Now we have to figure her out her wifi password.

Stupid criminal this week was a man who drove his snowmobile into a tree. In June. Without any snow. Alcohol was involved.

You cannot believe how busy a liquor store is the day before a holiday. You would think that they would be closed for three weeks instead of one day. I was there at four yesterday and the big parking lot was quite full.

We plan on our annual watching of fireworks on tv again tonight. I never want to fight the crowd.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July.


  1. I'll be watching the fireworks on TV too and cuddling next to Koda; not a fan of fireworks he is (that's why we stay home on the 4th:)

    LOL with the silly criminal; yep, I can see alcohol being involved.

    When we had to go to the store on Thanksgiving for something we forgot, the busiest aisle in the store was the liquor aisle.

    Hope you can figure out your mom's WIFI password. I use 2 passwords for everything I have, one if I'm not in a protected site, another if I am in one.


  2. Yeah... our big day is the 3rd around here. Our local liquor store actually gets a refrigerated semi truck to park alongside the store for extra stock space. And they still sell out before the end of the day on the 4th...

  3. Isn't the wifi password on the wifi box? Of course alcohol was involved in the stupid criminal act. Driving a snowmobile in June?
    We went to a friend's house and watched fireworks from their driveway. It was quite nice.