Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hillshire Farms American Craft Sausage Product Review

I am a Bzz Agent and I get to try products for free and give you my honest opinion. Over the past years I've reviewed a multitude of different products and a lot of them haven't been that good. But these sausages are definitely worth buying over and over again.

One of the things I look for in sausage is the snap of the casing. You can always tell quality by the snap. That's what makes a sausage or a hot dog good. And let me tell you, these babies snapped with every bite.

So far I've tried two of the three flavors. The smoky bourbon was first. It was a little sweet and I never really got smoky out of it. But it was tasty. The second one I've tried is the garlic and onion. There was a nice hint of both flavors and made for a good sausage.

What I really liked about these is that they were easy to cook, and I didn't need anything on the bun when I ate them. There was no need to add a condiment to enhance the flavor. They tasted good on their own.

The price on these is really good. They are only $2.98 at my local Walmart for five of them. I think that is a really good price of good quality sausages. I've been trying to buy them every time I go shopping. Right now they seem to only have the jalapeno and cheddar ones so everyone else must be going to for the smoky bourbon and garlic and onion ones.

I would recommend this product.



  1. Don't you just love being a BzzAgent? Great review!

  2. Can anyone be a BzzAgent? Never heard of them. I have had the smoky bourbon of these sausages and you are right, they are good!