Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Fragments

Second week of July is ending and it is time to frag my brain. Mrs. 4444 is hosting after her vacation (welcome home!) And I'm excited to have the new link for the fragments this week.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Stupid criminal this week was the guy who continually called 911 to report that his wife would not let him drink his beer. He was charged with unlawful use of 911 and he no longer has access to his beer.

We got my mom an ipad last weekend and I downloaded a couple of apps. Within three days she had me look at it because the power was draining too quickly. She had downloaded about 30 games and they were all open and running. I did show her how to close the apps but it was probably too much information overload when I went over it. I got it back to working with just three apps and we'll see where we go from there.

Whitney is dog sitting this weekend. One of the dogs was a rescue dog that is very skittish. She had lots of accidents to clean up last night. Hopefully today will go better for all involved.

I had three wine tastings to go to in two days and they were all good. I love when that happens. I didn't buy any of them (a little outside my price range) but it was nice to get to taste some nice wine without paying for any of it. Plus lots of good conversations with friends.

I still need to buy a case for my iphone. I got the screen protector on it but no case yet. I just can't decide what I want.

Dealing with the federal government is definitely a lesson in hurry up and wait. This whole week has been hurry up because the deadline for funding is today. So I've invoiced about $5.5MILLION in one week. Rest of the year not so much. Hurry hurry hurry...lots of waiting.

My summer tv pleasure is So You Think You Can Dance. This season I'm really enjoying a couple of the guys. I can't tell any of the girls apart. So the guys are getting my votes. They even stopped the phone voting this year. You can only vote on the app or online.


  1. Did you really invoice over $5 million???? Cool. May I ask a quesiton? How old is your mom? I want to buy her an IPad, too. She's okay with email and facebook. I think she would read again and enjoy pics more with an iPad. Her eyes are not good. She's 81? What do you think?

  2. How cute with your mom downloading all those games ;) We always joked, hubby and me, that his mom would have bought an iPAD as she was always into the new technology and had to have it, but then never knew what to do with it and was always calling my hubby's brother to help her :) It is good though that your mom is willing to learn it :) I know I've learned a lot using son's tablet and even taught him a thing or two.

    Too funny about the dumb criminal.

    Always enjoy a good wine tasting :)

    I caught the last of So You Think You Can Dance" the other day when the contestants were being eliminated. I haven't watched too much of it before. Might have to some week :)


  3. I work with elderly clients and they all enjoy ipads for reading. They love being able to download books and make the print so large.
    They do download 100's of books and a lot of apps. They tend to click on a lot of adds and buy silly stuff too.
    I could use a few wine tastings:)
    Have a great weekend.

  4. The wine tastings sound lovely -- just don't call 911 if someone interferes with your wine.

  5. My Dad had an IPad until his vision became such that he could no longer operate it. I hated that so much because it sure offered him some fun entertainment.

    My Iphone case came from Etsy, they have the absolutely cutest and mine has the rubber around the edges for protection and it was $19.95 and has my name monogramed on the cute chevron case.

    Happy weekend!