Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Fragments

Boy have I been lazy/busy/just not here. Lots of stuff and yet nothing to write about. So enter Mrs. 4444 and her fragments.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I'm quite happy with the results of So You Think You Can Dance. Not only did the best dancer win, he seems like such a sweet young man. We had him picked as the winner on the first show. It hasn't been renewed for next year which would be a big disappointment. Quality entertainment.

I was excited to see one of my favorite dancers was going to be a pro on Dancing with the Stars. I had planned to watch it until I saw the list of "celebrities" this season. They seem to be skewing very old (two of them are over 70). I'm all for people getting their groove on, but I don't need to watch it.

I've started to watch the previews for fall tv. So far, not really impressed. Guess I'll stick with my old standbys.

We also started a Netflix subscription. Mainly so we could watch House of Cards. Which I LOVE. I'm not a binge watcher but I can see why people would do that.

Three weeks until we leave for Hawaii. We tried to look for some new luggage but we aren't really sure what to get. Normally on business trips I need the medium size but for this trip we would want a large one. Not sure it makes economical sense to buy a new big one for one trip a year. Our old luggage still works.

We decided to rent a car one day when we are in Honolulu. Just seemed to be much easier to do that and be able to get around that island on our own than try and figure out a tour to do and be on someone else's schedule.

Summer waited until August to arrive with a vengeance. It can now go away. I'm tired of heat advisories every day for three weeks.

We are having friends over to watch the OU football game Saturday. I haven't cooked for a crowd in awhile so I would like to do something fun. Guess I'd better pull out some recipes.


  1. How exciting to be preparing for your trip to Hawaii :)


  2. I keep wondering what ever happened to decent TV shows, there sure aren't many around these days. Hawaii sounds like the perfect destination to get away from all the heat advisories. I hope you enjoyed your Saturday game with company.

    Have a Fabulous Day!

  3. Sounds like you're going to really appreciate the ocean breezes in Hawaii! Luckyyyy.....

    I have no idea who's on DWTS this year; guess I'll go check!

    Thanks for linking up. I hope your three weeks speeds by! :)