Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Look a post from me on a Tuesday. I decided since I've missed Friday Fragments too many weeks I'd create a Tuesday Tidbits just for me. :)

I downloaded the new iOS update for my ipad and iphone. I was not happy that I had to delete I don't know how many apps from my ipad to make enough room for the memory that the download needed. And then it didn't use it all. What's up with that? I do like that we can share purchases from the itunes store. I don't like the battery drain on my ipad now. I knew I could get 10 hours out of it reading and listening to music before but now I doubt I could get 6. Which isn't good when I have an 8 hour flight on Saturday with no power outlets on the plane.

And on that 8 hour flight, no free food. I really think this is a very poor decision by the airlines. Just because Hawaii is part of the United States it doesn't mean you should make people buy your cruddy food on the plane. The flight to Paris was 7 hours and we got two meals so I know you can do it guys.

When I knew I had this trip planned, I actually had to back up my hair color appointments to make sure my hair looked good for the trip. Yesterday was my cut and color appointment and I have to say it will look outstanding for the trip. :)

We gave Whitney her birthday present early. Bought her a piece of luggage of her own. She was super excited because it was purple. Amazing how just a color makes her happy.

Abby got to go to the vet yesterday to get her shots and a checkup. We think she is 11 and other than acting weird at times, she is pretty normal. Her weight has been the same every visit except once and the vet said she was in great health. And everyone at the vet said she was the sweetest dog they every saw.

My mom is going to watch Abby for us while we are gone. Mom's thing with her is to give her broken animal crackers and explain all the different body parts and animals to her. I have no idea why this started but we have told her that she can't feed her too many of those. Abby has to keep her girlish figure.

And that's it for Tuesday Tidbits. Three more work days to go!


  1. I agree...no free food on such a long flight is the pits. We brought along all sorts of snacks and it worked out fine. Getting so excited for you...can't wait to hear all about your adventure!

  2. Glad you got a good vet visit.

    I keep hearing about all the space the new download takes. That's a bummer.

  3. I don't get why there's no free food, either. When we flew back from Denmark (on SAS), they even gave us real plates & silverware! And that wasn't even in 1st class!
    My work iPad only has the bare minimum on it, and this morning it said that I was almost out of storage. I'm wondering if it's really worth all the hype.

  4. That is so cute about your mom and Abby :) I hope you have a good time in Hawaii! Another good reason not to fly if you have to pay for food on a long flight like that!