Monday, September 15, 2014

Savings Galore

I like to consider myself a frugal shopper. I am one of those people who use coupons but not obsessively (although some in my family say otherwise). I don't buy things just because I have a coupon but if it is something I normally purchase and there is one, I am all for using the coupon. But there are other ways to save money if you don't want to clip coupons.

If you shop at Target, download the Cartwheel app. You can preload a minimum of 15 coupons and if you use it more, you can add more. This will scan your barcode and you can save immediately at the store. I used it Saturday and saved $2.50 for really doing nothing.

Ibotta is an app that has all sorts of offers. You have to unlock the item you are wanting to save on (mainly by watching a video or reading a fact) and then you scan the bar code and upload a picture of the receipt. They have online sale links too. I basically got all our screen covers free from an online store by using this.

Checkout 51 is another app where you scan a receipt after you purchase the weekly items that they are doing refunds on. The items vary by week and include fresh fruit and vegetables. You can use this no matter what store you do your shopping at.

Saving Star is a great app where they do a weekly freebie and all sorts of other rebates. I've gotten about $40 back using this one. They can link up some of your store rewards cards so you don't have to do anything to get the rebates. But it also works at Target and Walmart now by uploading your receipts.

Walmart has gotten into this by their Savings Catcher app. Basically you scan the QR code on your receipt and they compare everything you bought with ads from local stores. If something was cheaper somewhere else, you get it added to a rewards card that you can download and use at the store. I haven't gotten a lot back yet but I'm sure it will add up quickly.

And then there are all the store rewards programs. So many places give you discount coupons for getting on their email lists and then your birthday you get more. I ended up with a $5 coupon from Ulta and somehow got an additional 300 points for some reason. So my $18 shampoo this weekend actually cost me $2. What a deal for doing absolutely nothing.

I'm sure there are more out there and would love to hear how you save money.

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  1. I'll have to look into the apps you mentioned here. Our local grocery store has a Just4U where they keep track of your purchases and then offer you additional savings on some of them weekly. You have to put the items on the card to get the discounts, so it takes a few minutes when the weekly add comes out, but in the course of time since it began in 2012, we have saved $900 on items we would normally purchase. I'm also making sure we don't waste food. For instance, I would make 5 cups of coffee in the morning but realize we only drank four between hubby and me. Now I only make four :)

    every little bit helps :)