Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444 is still recovering from shoulder surgery. It is a long painful process but she still lets us join her weekly to empty all those random thoughts.

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get stuff turned in for a proposal that has been known about for a month. And I gave everyone a deadline of yesterday to get me stuff since I leave tomorrow. So of course one shows up at 4pm yesterday with a full review at 9am this morning. With lots of typos/formatting errors and the like. I gave it my best shot but if you can't do it right by now, I can't help you.

And yes, I'm getting on a jet plane tomorrow to finally go to HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of explanation marks because I'm that excited. And really glad that I'm not flying through Chicago with the fire at the radar center up there. Which was deliberately set by a disgruntled employee. Do you think he might lose his job?

I succumbed to buying pumpkin spice M&M's but have resisted the urge to open the bag. I must wait until October to do that. I did open the autumn colored peanut ones though and they were delicious.

And with that my fragments must end. So much to do and so little time. All checked in with the airline but I have to pack!


  1. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii. I am envious. It is on my bucket list when I turn 65.

  2. Last minute folks really test my last nerve.

    Wishing you a most wonderful time in Hawaii. It's a fantastic place!

  3. Enjoy your trip! Yep, I'm thinking that employee will be fired and more likely be getting real familiar with how the law and courts work.