Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Closed for Weather

Yesterday we had freezing rain so we kept watching the news to see what schools would be closed. Luckily both Norman and OU put out their closing notices early so we knew we could sleep in. But it is always interesting to watch the long list of closings to see what gets put on.

In addition to the numerous school districts and church activities (this is the south of course) it was an interesting mix of other places. Daycare centers I sort of understand but how hard is it for those places to call the parents. Afterall there is a limited number of people visiting them and they know the numbers. Doctors offices and counseling clinics are another group that gets listed. Once again, they know who has appointments so why can't they just call them.

Then you get the really interesting ones. The handgun permit office, the Dee-Lite Jewelry Store, a dry cleaners, a neighborhood association meeting, a dog grooming place and of course the icing on the cake, the casino. Now my whole day is ruined because I can't pick up my cleaning, shop for cheap jewelry, get a handgun permit and then go to the casino to play away my money.

Update - Another day of closings are starting to be posted and Whitney's school is cancelled. I can't wait to see what else comes up tonight.

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  1. Of course, we would have to be able to drive for that to happen. It took 3 tries to get up the driveway and into the garage last night. The first 2 times, we slid back down the driveway!