Monday, January 26, 2009


For those of you unfamiliar with Oklahoma weather, it literally can change in an instant. We had lovely balmy sunny days last week and then bam, cold and now freezing rain is coming. Oklahoma can never seem to do things simply like snow. No, we have to ice. So we are expecting up to a 1/2 inch of ice over the day and evening.

Of course we all get to watch the local tv stations for our updates, but I happen to work at the National Weather Center. The local forecast office is just 100 feet from my office. So you would think I have an inside track to knowing the weather. In fact, many people when they find out where I work always ask what the weather will be like. The answer is I don't know. Meteorologists are making guesses and half the time they are wrong. If I ask my boss he could tell me the weather in Africa, but not in Oklahoma. I could ask just about anybody I pass in the hallway and they will all give me a different answer.

So my advice to you is watch the tv news, jumble them up in your mind, and make your own decision. You can't be any more right or wrong than the professionals.


I'm so good at predicting weather I closed my office 3 hours before the university shut down. So I've been home toasty warm much longer than everybody else. Now just waiting for Whitney to get out of school and home and we'll get warm together.


  1. ahhhhh... have a nice day at home! Gotta love Oklahoma weather!

  2. Get the fireplace going and break out the hot chocolate!! We are iced in.