Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are an awesome invention. We bought one years ago and have never needed to replace it because it takes fabulous photos. However I think it is much clunkier than the newer ones so I wanted one for myself. Our luck with cameras hasn't been too good however. In 2007 we bought Whitney one for Christmas and it was stolen at school. So this year before we went to Disney World I researched and watched ads because I didn't want an expensive one. I found one at Sears for $70 and everything I read about it online was fantastic so I went thinking they would be out. I mean $70 is pretty cheap. But they had one, so I brought it home. It took me a couple of weeks to open the box and then when I did, the brand new batteries I put in that came with it gave a battery exhausted message. I thought that strange so I tried again and it worked. Didn't think anything about it. But over and over I would get this battery exhausted message. So I would change to newer ones. I used rechargeable ones too. One time you would turn the camera on and it would be full. Two minutes later it would show just one bar on the battery line. It took fabulous pictures so I really wanted to keep it but finally I got disgusted and took the camera back to Sears after Christmas. No problem returning it but unfortunately it was discontinued and they would never get another one in like it. But if I wanted to spend another $40 I could get a new one. I passed on that and now am on a quest for a new, cheap, good camera.

So until I get one, this will probably be a photo free blog.


  1. What type of batteries did they put in there? Because I know that you can use Alkaline batteries but they tend to die very quickly. I'm asking because we had the exact same problem with our camera on our honeymoon. We took it to a camera shop in branson, well really the camera counter at Kmart (LOL).... They said it was the batteries and said not to use alkaline batteries in it. They suggested Lithium (don't know if I spelt that right).... But we tried it and never had a problem again.... You might of already knew this, but I thought it might be a shot in the dark. But you would think that a camera company would know not to put alkaline batteries in the camera box. Never know though, they are cheaper than Lithium..... Hope you find another one soon.... :)

  2. We tried all sorts of batteries so it was definately the camera. Our other camera doesn't have any problems.

  3. Sorry. I can be of no help at all. Up until six months ago, we used disposable cameras. But now that we have a digital, I'm wondering how we ever lived without it.