Monday, January 19, 2009

What to do on a day off?

Today is Martin Luther King's birthday which means that America celebrates by federal and state workers getting a day off. I'm sure that we are all reflecting on the man's words. So what am I doing today? You have to realize that OU just got back from almost two weeks off at Christmas (one of the best benefits of working there I have to say). So we've been back to work for two weeks and have a day off. My day is being spent taking Whitney to the orthodontist and doctor so she won't miss school going to appointments. The good news is she now only has to wear her retainers at night.

We also get to spend the day practicing parallel parking so tomorrow she can take her driving test. Yes it is time for another 16 year old to get their license and terrorize the world. She is a very good driver so I'm not worried. We tried to go take the test during the Christmas break but after standing in line for an hour and a half, we were six too many past the cutoff so she couldn't take the test.

So what else does one do on a day off? Go to the mall and shop of course.


  1. I, too, am spending the holiday doing some shopping with the kids. I am pretty sure that's not what Martin Luther King envisioned.

  2. Glad you started your own blog. Was starting to think you were going to perform a coup at mine,

  3. A coup is the taking over of something....usually refers to taking over a government by violence or the threat of violence. In this case, it was a joke. There was no violence involved. :-)