Wednesday, January 28, 2009


That's the headline on today's paper. So I wanted to show you what ice/sleet/snow? looks like here. The sun is out today so Dan got out but the garage door wouldn't shut because the ice was too high. Whitney and I went out and shaved it down with a hoe (us Oklahomans don't have those fancy snow blowers).

These are my footprints in the front yard.

The view down our street. Notice not too many tire tracks.

Abby investigating the hard ice. If this had been the backyard we never would have gotten her outside. But ask her to go out front and she is there before you are.

Abby enjoying her first bit of sunshine in 3 days. She is definately a sun worshiper in the winter and will follow the sun around the living room.


  1. Whoa! Look at all the snow! :)

  2. I realize it isn't the amount you get, but we have no equipment to remove it.

  3. everything is closed down here in Lawton, except for emergency personnel and the such. Even our little regional airport is closed! the depth of the "snow" isn't the problem, it was the sleet we got--don't think we got any snow here.

  4. Even if it's not much, I still think it's pretty. I love snow. I just hate driving in it.