Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why do things cost what they do?

I just got back from my weekly Walmart trip and I always look at my receipt just to see what things cost. It never fails that I go in thinking I don't need much and then my bill is $100-$150. So today let's just take a look at what I got for my money.

Vitamins - $8.50. I did have a $1.00 coupon for them but what exactly makes 100 little pills cost that much money

Cold Medicine - $5 each. Had to buy two of these because of course you never know what symptoms you'll have. We just had gotten over round 3 of colds and now Whitney has another one.

Chocolate - $3.50. This is a necessary purchase for all women. I'd willingly pay $10 for good dark chocolate because really good stuff you don't need a lot to get that wonderful feeling.

Tuna Fish - $1. Seems like this one keeps getting expensive. Must be saving all the dolphins.

Dog bones - $5. These supposedly freshen the dog's breath but really she needs an entire tub of mints every day to do that.

Car oil - $3.50 each. Bought three of these because my car eats oil and its cheaper to do this than to repair the whole car. A 1997 car that is paid for and runs just fine around town can keep going for $7/month. Not too bad.

Soda - $5/12 pack. Man is this stuff liquid gold. Lucky I had a buy one/get one free coupon so it made it more like $2.50/pack.

Ramen - 15 cents. Ah, finally something cheap. Of course not terribly good for you but Whitney loves it and it works for a night that she needs a quick dinner.


  1. Yep. I hear you. I just dropped $70 in no time flat at Walmart yesterday. I needed diapers, formula, apples, oranges, gold fish and mayo. Seriously. $70, for that??

  2. I never get out of Walmart for less than 100.00, and there are just two of us and our freezer is already full of meat---the BIG freezer in the garage. So I'm not even buying meat, except bologna type for sandwiches.

  3. I cannot even begin to express how much I hate Wal-Mart for this reason. I go in to buy one thing and next thing you know, I've spent $50.... I've been trying to shop elsewhere for the reason that Wal-mart seems so expensive lately.

  4. Its not that Walmart is expensive, its that things are. Walmart is much cheaper than other stores. I know I have to save at least $30-50 a week on groceries by going there.