Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Spectacular

The church I attend, Journey Church, was holding a Christmas Spectacular this weekend. They were trying to make this be the big, exciting event while on Christmas Eve it would be more subdued and traditional. The promos promised light shows, professional choirs and aerial artists. Sounds pretty spectacular, doesn't it? They even added three services on Saturday because they knew it was going to be spectacular. We decided to go to the last one today, mainly because of Whitney's Christmas party, and when we got there the earlier service was just letting out. We walked up to see carriage rides and masses of people pouring out. I wanted to get to a seat quickly because I knew it would get full and I wanted a good seat to see everything.

After settling down, both Dan and Whitney went out to the lobby where they had cookies and hot chocolate. I was informed that there had to be 20 different kinds of cookies and what looked like hundreds of them. I avoided that caloric intake since I knew we would have our Christmas dinner later. The show started on time with a really good choir with a Hallejuah chorus. The laser light show started with a group of four women doing hand movements that made the lights seem like they came out of their hands. A Transiberian Orchestra rendition of Carols of the Bells followed. And then the spectacularness continued with a telling of the Christmas story, singing and then came the aerial artists. They weren't the greatest dancers but then they got on the red ribbons hanging from the ceiling. It got me thinking, where do you go to hire these kind of people? Where do you go to get a job in this kind of thing? Whitney said google it, but I haven't yet.

Before our pastor gave his sermon, we had a wonderful worship experience with singing of Christmas songs. The sermon was very nice and appropriate, especially if you did not attend our church. That is one of the things I like about Journey is that it isn't trying to cram anything down your throat except that God loves you.

It certainly was a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. I for one was very moved and felt the joy that Christmas represents.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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