Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fashion disaster update

OK, so I've spent two days at Disneyland and have no fashion disasters to post. How can this be you might ask? The answer is while at Disney, anything goes. If you have never been to the land of magic, you would not understand this. But there are so many different ear options (that is Mickey ears not people ears) and then hats with various characters (Chip/Dale/Goofy) that fashion disasters don't exist. Plus it has been so cold that jackets cover most fashion tops. Shoewear is always an issue, and I have seen some beauties but haven't gotten photos. My favorite was the old fashioned granny heels. That is how I describe the boots that the saloon girls might wear. It does seem to be mostly Asian women who are wearing these type of shoes. I guess they are just ahead of the curve in fashion. Should I be taking my cues from them?

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