Friday, December 31, 2010

Roller Coasters

If you know me, you think I'm very conservative. How can this person have any fun? (OK, you probably don't think that but I've had employees tell me I'm mean.) But I do love a good roller coaster. Underneath this exterior lies a thrill seeker trying to get out. There is something about the wind whipping your hair, the need for speed, the feeling of weightlessness for just a second that makes me smile and want more.

On this trip we rode a few so here is my review of them. Please note that none of these are my photos. Thank goodness for the internet.

Sea World - Journey to Atlantis

This is a combination roller coaster/flume ride. It was fun and had a very unusual way to get the coaster to the top of the hill but we couldn't understand any of the speaking parts which was trying to get you into the theming of the coaster. I wouldn't ride this one again.

Matterhorn - Disneyland

This was the first roller coaster in Disneyland. You sit in these tiny cars (not comfortable for two adults) and there are very tight turns. It is very jerky and no real drops. Lines were very long and it wouldn't be worth the wait to do again.

Space Mountain - Disneyland

This was quite a bit different than the version at Disney World. First of all it sits like a regular roller coaster instead of the three person capsule. They have redone it with a rock music soundtrack. It is very dark inside and the space lights are good. It was very smooth and turned to the right quite a bit. No big drops. I think I liked this one better than the one in Florida. I would ride it again but you must use FastPass for it. The line is absolutely incredible (two hours when we were there) if you don't.

California Screamin - Disneyland

OK, this was a BIG winner. First of all, a great start with a fast take off. Then you add in lots of ups/downs and a loop with rock music blaring in the speakers behind your ears. This was really awesome. Of course on day two it got stuck on an uphill and we watched them rescue the people out of the cars. I highly recommend this ride if you go to Disneyland. Get a fastpass but also do the single rider line. We were able to ride it that way within 10-15 minutes.

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