Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So it is winter and the cold wind is a blowin'. One would expect that inside buildings to protect you from the cold. You would expect that a university could afford to heat buildings at a comfortable level since it is hard for cold children in gloves to take notes. Well you would be wrong. This new building is absolutely terrible about heat. I have almost floor to ceiling windows that face east. My desk is near the windows. The thermostat is near the door opposite the windows. Therefore when it says 72 degrees that means the place I sit is 10 degrees colder from the drafty windows. I have taken to wearing two layers of sweaters and even purchased some USB warming gloves to keep warm. Well Monday I had it. The boilers stopped working over the weekend and we had no heat. It was 30 degrees outside and my office registered 59. Which means that by the window probably 49. Why no one noticed over the weekend that the building was cold (it is open 24 hours) I have no idea. It took 24 hours for the office to warm up to a reasonably working temperature ( the kind that one thinner sweater over a shirt was warm). But my wonderful husband bought me a space heater last night so I would stay toasty all the time. Maybe even wear regular clothes at work. Space heaters aren't supposed to be used in our building, but if they aren't going to provide heat, I have to do it myself.

The fabulous hand warming gloves that plug into a USB port

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