Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anatomy Lesson

I learned about tear duct anatomy yesterday. Not a subject that I wanted to but Whitney is going to need surgery to fix her eye. She has had a blocked tear duct for years and always has tears running out her right eye. So she finally had enough and said lets do this because we knew it was going to have to be surgery. She is going to have dacryocystorhynostomy (don't you love how they make the words so long). After reading about it, it is a common procedure that is outpatient and is supposed to have immediate results. Basically her tear duct won't allow any moisture through it and this will open up the passage. She has to have a tiny tube inserted that will stay there for awhile to hopefully train the duct to stay open. We are crossing our fingers that this fixes the problem and they don't have to go to more aggressive surgery options.

And they got us scheduled for next week. Wow, we were ready for summer and they said how about the 14th and I was like what month and they said April. So miss one day of school and then back the next. We have to be at the hospital at 6am but we are the first one scheduled so should be home by noon. I love my girl, she is a big trooper when they started digging around trying to open her duct. Did you know they actually use real cocaine to numb the eye? We thought they were joking and they said it works great on mucus areas. I told her not to broadcast around school so she doesn't get a druggie reputation.

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