Friday, April 29, 2011

Renovation is Complete

I had to crawl under the plastic to get into the pantry and sink

The house renovations are complete for now. For the last two days I've had painters working on my ceilings and bathroom. Let me tell you I didn't think it would get done after the disaster that I saw when I arrived home on day one. Everything covered in plastic. I couldn't use my bathroom or get into my closet. Don't even think about watching tv or eating. The poor dog couldn't even get to the back door to go outside. I had to take down some plastic so we could function.

No tv for us that night

Closet completely blocked off

The bathroom looks so big with it being all one color

But when I got home last night it was almost done. They were just finishing up cleaning and touchups. The color we picked for the bathroom ended up being almost the same shade of blue we had done our bedroom in 10 years ago. I guess we liked that color. And the ceilings no longer have cracks.

Our living room celing no longer has settling cracks

Kitchen finally complete

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  1. Enjoy your new kitchen, it looks wonderful from the pictures.