Thursday, April 14, 2011

Exciting News

This is the smile at our house now
Whitney got called yesterday to see if she was still interested in a big scholarship at Oklahoma City University. Of course she said yes! So all of her tuition is now covered by scholarships and all we have to pay is room and board and books. Needless to say our house is very, very happy.


  1. SUCH happy news!! You have so much to celebrate! :)

    HAPPY Friday my dear!

  2. Hi Tracy Sweetie...
    While blog hopping today I found your beautiful blog home. When I saw that you were from Oklahoma, well I was just tickled pink. I live in Phoenix, but am from Enid. My family all still live there, and we have others strung throughout Oklahoma as well.

    Congratulations on the wonderful news for your sweet girl. I bet you are all doing the happy dance.

    I hope you will pop over and say hello. I am Country Wings in Phoenix your newest follower. I can't wait to see what you share next. I would be honored to have you follow my blog as well. I love meeting new friends and sharing our day to day lives along the way.

    Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry