Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review of The Voice

I gave up on American Idol years ago. I hated listening to the bad singers and then it seemed too karaoke for me. But I thought I would try out The Voice last night. For those of you who haven't seen the gazillion commercials, four established musicians will have teams to try and find the new voice. The best part that I really liked is that they picked their teams blind. They couldn't see the singers, just hear their voices. This took care of the nasty problem of having people deemed "not attractive" kicked out just because they look normal. Look we all can't be a size 2 with perfect teeth. I'm interested to see once they have their teams, how things progress.

Best singers - Jeff Jenkins, who would never have gotten past Idol auditions because he is baby-faced and overweight. A beautiful heartfelt voice and everyone wanted him on their team.

Frenchie Davis, the one who got kicked off Idol years ago because she had "racy" photos from a big and beautiful website. She was definitely talented then and still has got it. You know you got it when Cee-Lo recognizes you.

I like the one-up gamesmanship these coaches have. And the positiveness that they are giving the singers.

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