Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

I haven't done this for awhile but the questions were good this week.

1. Caesar Salad or Garden Salad?
I do love a caesar salad but they always seem to have too much dressing. Which I used to not consider but then I started counting calories and dressing is always the culprit. So I'll make a garden salad at home and use the light dressing which I can then drench my lettuce in. There was a seafood restaurant that made an awesome spicy cajun caeser salad that was to die for. We recreated it at home but we haven't made that in forever.

2. Will you be watching the Royal Wedding on April 29th?
That would be a big no. I have better things to do with my time (namely sleep).

3. Last thing you spent lots of money on?
Recessed lighting for the kitchen. And we are about to spend a bunch on getting the ceilings and bathroom painted. Ask me in a few months and I'll say college.

4. Window seat or aisle seat?
Aisle seat. I'm not sure why. I hate having to get up when someone needs to go to the bathroom. But I do usually try and fly planes that only have two seats on one side so that limits the seatmate.

5. Do you know your blood type?
Yes I do. A+. Don't ask me to give blood however. The last time I tried (20+ years ago) I passed out and they told me to not come back.


  1. LOL... they told you not to come back??? I won't even try cause I know it won't be good so Kudos to you for trying! Stop in & read The Monday 5

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for playing along with Meet Me on Monday!! Please remember to link only your Meet Me On Monday post and not your whole blog! I have to go in and fix it!!
    Hope you have a great week!!!

  3. I prefer the aisle seat too. It makes it easier to get up & stretch the legs on long flights :)
    Have a great week!

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. We have two in college right now! Certainly a big expense.