Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Voice - Review After the Battle Rounds

Well I had great promise for this show after the first week. Unfortunately the battle rounds did not live up to my expectations. I didn't like the whole put two people to sing the same song as a duet. I could see each person singing the same song after each other. That way they could be in their key and not try and sing something that was wrong for them.

Here are my picks for teams:

Team Adam before cuts
 1. Adam has the best team hands down. I think he was the most thoughtful in picking people to start. He also has three of the best male voices on the show. I'm not sure how the rest of the show is going to work with live performances but I think someone from Adam's team will win.

Team Blake before cuts
2. Blake has a couple of good singers and a couple of duds. Last night the two girls signing had no business being on the stage. He does have a good country male singer but that's about it.

Team Cee-Lo before cuts
3. Cee-Lo is third. The guy with the wild hair is good and the first girl that was picked is good too. Not sure if they are winners though. And he picked that sister group that isn't even worthy of bubblegum songs. Geez.

Team Christina before cuts
4. Christina has the worst group ever. Last night she clearing picked the less talented person only because she wailed notes like Christina does. She seemed to really like people who wail like her. Not good. She also seemed to like bald women. Maybe she needed to feel like no one could compete with her beauty.

So I will wait to see how things come out next week.

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