Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day one of Colorado

Just had to post a few pictures from today and a few comments.

How many bikes can one campus have? I have never seen this many bikes in one place.

This is all outside one building on campus at 4pm. What are all of these people doing here and how can they possible fit one more bike there? What do they do in the winter when it snows?

The CU band was practicing in the middle of campus on a lawn with the yardlines marked off. I'm used to the band practicing not near anything. Was fun to watch for a bit.

I also saw this on the campus. It is a lightning warning device. I had never seen one. My office does research on lightning so I'll need to ask about it.

I ate dinner at a place that had been on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It was called Foolish Craig's Cafe. I guess they have good breakfasts and crepes. I had a crepe for dinner and I hate to say it but it wasn't anything special. It came with steamed broccoli with no seasoning and spicy rice. Not sure how that all went with a chicken pesto crepe. It had a great atmosphere and the owner was super friendly. But I am concerned that this is the type of restaurant that they are promoting on the show. We have one that was on the show in Norman and I've never been there. I guess I could try it and see if it is any good.

I did lots of walking and the hotel is near a shopping center. In it was a liquor store. I love to go into stores in other states to see what they have and what they sell. The store was open until 11pm and also open on Sundays. Oh my. Ours are open 10-9 and never on a Sunday. Different world.


  1. That looks like our daughter's campus with the bikes and the marching band. :D They are serious about their bike riding. And they wear warm coats, hats and gloves when it snows to ride them. They are in the mountains too.

    Looks like you had lovely weather ad a great time! So happy for you. :)

  2. I had to laugh about going into stores when you are away to see what is different. I do that with grocery stores when I travel!

  3. I love Colorado and you get to visit at such a great time of year. Enjoy yourself and enjoy Whitney being home from school!