Friday, October 14, 2011

What to do at an Airport

So I was supposed to fly out of Denver at 6pm today. I got to the airport around 3:30 and checked in. Everything was fine. Went through security (quite a mess, no sense of organization) and started towards my gate. Somehow in the 30 minutes it took from check in to gate, my flight was delayed two and a half hours. Really? I can only assume mechanical problems because normally the flight just goes back and forth between OKC and Denver and I know the weather is fine in both places. So now I won't get home until midnight. Boo, Whitney got home around 2:30 so now I won't see her tonight. (although she did fall asleep on the couch around 6pm poor thing).

So what do I do to occupy my time? Lucky me they have free wireless so I can get on the internet. But sometimes it is really slow. So I decided to go get a drink. I hate paying airport prices but hey I had three hours to kill. I went and actually had two glasses of wine (wow, I must have been desperate) and ordered and ate an entire pizza (I really didn't need to but oh well).

And now I'm blogging. I really wanted to do a fashion disaster photo shoot at the airport but so far not anything has grabbed my attention. And I will say that I'm luckier than the people going to Little Rock. Their flight was outright cancelled. I wouldn't have been happy with that.

I did get to go to the New Belgium Beer Company in Fort Collins before coming to the airport. I didn't take the tour because I thought I would be late to the airport. How ironic that was. But I did get to sample the beers. So now I probably would count as a lush today with a beer and two glasses of wine.

Better get that workout plan ready.


  1. Ahh, this explains your comment so late on a Friday night. And you are right - anything is better with white chocolate. My husband is drooling while we wait for it to harden up. heehee

    I hope you have a safe and quiet time in the airport and a safe trip home. Sorry it will be so late, but won't it be fabulous to be in your own bed.

    Take care sweetie!

  2. Being stuck in an airport sucks, but at least you have he Internet to amuse yourself. I'm a little disappointed there is no fashion disaster pics though :)

  3. I'm feeling for you.
    This is what completely repels me from flying: The uncertainty.
    And it seems there are no direct flights anymore. You always have to fly 900 miles the wrong way to switch flights to get to the destination.
    And who knows how long you'll wait!
    That's why, unless it's more than about 9 hours, I usually drive. With check in and gate checks, it's usually a wash.