Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall has arrived - Thank goodness

Fall has finally arrived in Oklahoma. Today it has been a rainy cold day. And I am thrilled to say all of those words. I never thought it would come after the record heat and drought. Yesterday started the cool down but I was still so dang hot I almost wore short sleeves and no jacket just to enjoy the temperature. Today is a jacket day but I'm not complaining. Oh no, it could be like this for a couple more weeks and I'd be happy. Even if it is a dreary rainy day every single day. Even if my office is a freezer. I just turn on the space heater, put on my sweater and enjoy opening my blinds to look out at the rain.

I saw where Colorado got a foot of snow. I'm very thankful my meeting there was two weeks ago because I don't drive in snow. That would have been a nightmare.

And so I'll go home tonight and start planning warm foods to bake in the oven and cook on the stove. Oh how I miss you gumbo and lasagna.


  1. Favorite time of year! Crockpot and stew time! Woot!

    I just love how fall smells.

  2. The funny thing is... by the middle of winter we will all be praying for the heat again! I'll let you know how the wine was.