Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Favorite Fall Vacation

In honor of the fact that tomorrow my husband and I get a mini-vacation, I'm going to write about my favorite fall vacation.

Fall vacations just don't happen. For one thing working for a school and then having a kid in a school setting, tends to mean you don't get to take a fall vacation. And I love fall. But five years ago I gave Dan a superb 40th birthday present of a trip to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. And we had to take it in the fall because I had always wanted to go to Vermont to see the fall leaves. Whitney was a freshman in high school and she was able to spend the night with some neighbors and we had my mother-in-law come up for the weekend. So Dan and I left on a Thursday in October for five days.

It was perfect weather. Crisp but sunny. There wasn't any rain. The fall leaves were beautiful. The Hall of Fame is a must for any true baseball fan. We didn't have huge crowds.

It was the best fall vacation I've ever taken.


  1. We can't vacation in the Spring or Fall b/c of Pooldad's business, but I would love to travel north and see the leaves. Sounds so wonderful.

    The nicest thing tho' is he gets a paid week at Christmas and we have done some pretty cool things with the kids then.

  2. I agree. BAsket ball hall of fame is great.

    And so are the leaves.

    Even if I am so sick of raking them


  3. I hope you have a wonderful mini vacation and I completely agree, the Fall is the best time to vacation. Less crowded!