Friday, October 21, 2011

TV Review Time

So here's my update on the new shows I was going to watch and have given a try more than one show.

I really like Prime Suspect. Maria Bello is totally kick-butt in the detective role. Since it is based on a BBC series starring Helen Mirren, I'd like to check that one out. I bet she kicked butt too.

Still watching Person of Interest. I can see that it has some shelf-life because the stories are new each week and you really don't know much about the main characters yet. They slowly give it to you so it will be awhile before we get tired of them. Unless they give us information too slow.

Revenge got really good this week. Definitely chick tv (i.e. nighttime soap opera). But I liked how things started happening that the main character didn't plan on. I don't think she means anyone to die so the fact that someone did upset her. Afterall, it is hard to get revenge if the person is dead.

The X Factor. I will not watch this show again. I tried to give it chances. But how many times can you recap what happened two minutes ago. And the people that they picked to go to the live shows were not the most talented people. Therefore I hereby protest this show and will not watch. I think they could have lived up to the hype if they would have stopped hyping it.

Still looking forward to the Next Iron Chef on Food Network. Project Runway ends next week. I've seen photos of the collections online and this season has been a huge disappointment. Bring on the all-stars. We need some characters that aren't totally bitchy (yes I'm talking about you Josh).


  1. The only thing I watch on your list is "Project Runway" and I have to agree with your assessment. Also, I am so glad they got rid of the crybaby blond chick last week. I really don't like the idea of slapping people, and don't, but I could've slapped her with a good "Snap out of it!" a la' Cher in "Moonstruck". She drove me nutz.

  2. I am hooked on Ringer. So far it is the only "new" show that I am watching this season. I am not feeling Ted Danson on CSI and I am not sure how much longer I will be watching the show, which is too bad because I like all the other actors.