Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Night Special

Well by this time we should have been at halftime of the OU football game. Alas, we had a severe thunderstorm that has delayed the start of the game. It should be starting shortly. But I have already announced that I am not staying up and watching the whole thing. I do feel pretty good about the fact that I've been nice and dry at home while lots of my friends were cold and wet shivering under the stadium with 70,000 of their closest friends. I've been watching the World Series and a couple of other football games while nice and toasty under my little blanket (with the air conditioner running because it is stuffy in the house).

And if you can believe it, there was a tornado in the state just a few hours ago. Not often we have October tornadoes but it can happen anytime. Everyone should realize that.

Today's safety tip...If you see lightning outside, take cover. You never know where it will strike next.

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