Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fragments - A Briskness to the Air

Joining up with Mrs. 4444 for the Friday Fragment section of the blog. You can join in too.

Mommy's Idea

A cool front came through yesterday with some rain (yes I said RAIN). And today is cool too. So excited to be wearing jeans to work and tennis shoes.

The rain of course means it is State Fair time. Because it always rains during the state fair in the fall and the arts festival in the spring. Its just going to happen. Almost makes you want to have those events more often if it would bring the rain. Because we are in the red zone for drought now. Like the entire state is red (and not just because of the red clay dirt).

I just bought tickets to go see Les Mis in October with one of the touring companies. I'm hoping that it will be spectacular.

Glee started last night. I won't give any of it away since Whitney couldn't watch it right away. Some good singing but once again some of the stuff that happens in that high school is just so far-reaching. Throwing a slushie would never be tolerated without a suspension. Come on people.

I would like to be a celebrity judge on a cooking show like Top Chef or Iron Chef. Although in my rider would have to be a clause of "no peas". I never get food served to me like they have there.

Did you catch the last dancing on So You Think You Can Dance? Next week they crown champions and they will have dancing, but no more competition. I was excited that Eliana got to dance with Alex again (although not as good as their first pairing) and Twitch outshone Cyrus in Cyrus style (go TWITCH!). I had a crazy dream that they had Alex and Twitch recreate their famous dance on the show next week. I'm sure it won't happen, so we'll just have to settle for the original here.


  1. Thank you for the update on what is going on the land of television. I have not watched the tube in about two weeks. And yet, I have survived!

  2. My favorite is The Voice! I don't usually like any of the talent type shows, but this one is a major exception!!!

  3. I love watching the cooking shows and I think I'd LOVE being a celebrity judge on them except for that one real draw back that I'm not a celebrity!


  4. We recorded Glee, thank you for not divulging anything! Have you seen Les Miserables? I see it every time it comes, I love, love it!