Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fragments

Yippee it is Friday and I made it through the week. Short work weeks are killer. I'm joining up with Mrs. 4444 to share it all.

Mommy's Idea

 Someone in my cul-de-sac decided that their lawn service should start mowing at 7am. Only saving grace for me is I was already up since it was a work day. If it was the weekend, guns may have been blazing even though I don't own any. And last night our neighbor decided to mow at 8:30pm. In the dark. I wonder what that yard will look like today.

OU's football game is pay per view on Saturday which means we will be listening on the radio. Much easier now that we have better announcers. Or else maybe I'll go shopping since it will be easier together around town.

I am determined to cook one new recipe a week this fall. And it is only going to be in the 80's this weekend so cooking in the oven is allowed. All those pins and bookmarks are being looked over and passed on to Dan for his perusal. I'm thinking something with chicken since we have 8 pounds in the freezer.

Some helpful reminders to myself...When using a heating pad, turning it on makes it work much better. And remember to put the heat side towards your body.

The county fair is this weekend in town. First event today was meat goat judging. Do I want to know what that is?

Started going over 22 pages of definitions for my certification test. Some of these are just stupid. Budget - The detailed statement outlining estimated project costs to support work under a grant or contract. Did I really need them to tell me that? Isn't it pretty obvious what a budget is?

After I posted the dance video last week, guess who showed up on So You Think You Can Dance this week as an all-star? Benji! And he was just as good this week as he was six years ago.

So I'm going to post a video of another of my favorites in hopes that he shows up next week.


  1. I was so giddy excited to see Benji too! he looks like a MAN now :)

    I need to cook more myself... try new things. Like the goal of once a week!


  2. Why IS IT that holiday weeks seem twice as long AFTER the holiday as regular weeks?

    Of course we had a funeral on Monday and I worked at the church dinner for that, so my Monday wasn't exactly a holiday anyway.

    Still, my week has felt very long and very full.

    Maybe I'll do a little laundry for fun. Hehehehehe

    Cook? Do you have a definition for THAT in your 22 pages?

  3. I don't want to know about the goat meat stuff, either.

  4. I love county fairs, there is just something nostalgic about them, which is strange considering we did not have fairs growing up in Cali. Although, I do wonder what goat meat judging is.

  5. I always have a good giggle when someone mentions the temp outside in relation to cooking in the oven. Unless you live in an RV or a trailer [you don't do you? If you do, my apologies and I understand :)] why is the temp outside relevant? Don't you have A/C and wouldn't you run it anyway if it was above the mid 80s to cool the house?
    I cook and bake year round. I do like the winter more because it gets toasty in the kitchen, but I have never had heatstroke cooking in the summer either. heehee

    We went to a wedding this evening and had Swedish meatballs. I know these little cocktail meatballs are in my very near future. I LOVE the things but have never made them. Here's hoping they taste good with turkey or a mix of ground chicken and pork. The sauce is so, so yummy.

    Enjoy your chicken cooking and please share you success. :) We're anxious to see what's next!