Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fragments

Joining up with this week's fragments with Mrs. 4444.

Mommy's Idea

I just finished reading a book called MWF Seeking BFF. It's all about an adult woman trying to find new girlfriends. A lot of what she wrote hit home. I'm not going to go crazy and do everything that she did, but I did go to a women's bible study class this week and talked to people I didn't know. I liked one woman but of course she lives 30 minutes away. But I will continue to try and expand the friend circle.

I had bought a coupon for some chocolate truffles at a new store just around where I work. I got four different kinds and I have to say I'm not impressed. I really, really wanted to be wowed, but I'm not.

A box was sent to the house for Whitney this week. She's been ordering stuff for her new sorority sister so I thought maybe she accidentally used her billing address as the shipping one. Turns out that it was from the CEO of the company who gave her the scholarship to college. And this was on top of the gifts they had just gotten two weeks before when they went on their semester visit to the company headquarters.

I actually spent money to have stamps delivered to my house from the post office. I got lazy and decided the $1.25 it cost was less than my gas. Come to find out they came from Kansas City not the local post office. No wonder the post office is losing money.

Whitney will be home briefly on Saturday with her roommate to hit the sorority stores in town. I think we may try and make cookies for her to take back to give to her new lil sis on Tuesday. If I can make sure they stay fresh until then. I never have cookies last four days so I don't know if that is possible. I even googled it to check.

The weather warmed up this week so I've had to make sure and water my mums every day so they don't die. The blooms are all opening and they are looking nice.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I always wondered about the postage stamps delivered to your home... I cant believe they dont come local - that's INSANE!

  2. Hey I'll take a box of cookies. That's really nice to get a gift box and scholarship - what nice company did this?
    "sorority stores" - I don't understand but I was never in the Greek system.


  3. Our local post office here gives me "order envelopes" in which I can order stamps by mail from the local branch. I pay ONLY for stamps, not even for postage.

    You should check with your local post office and see if they offer something like that.

    In Indiana I got these bright ORANGE envelopes in the mail box, I filled in the order for stamps and inserted a check, put the orange envelope back in the box and the next day had my stamps in the same orange envelope.

    They don't do that here, but this other way works real well too.

  4. It is so important to go and meet new people. It expands your world.

  5. I think as an adult its hard to meet new people. I still consider myself new here (2 years) I feel like everyone has lived here their whole life and their friend card is full. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. When I lived in the US, I could buy stamps from the ATM machines of my local bank. More convenient than the post office but not as good as home delivery.

    I am glad you are looking for new friends. Finding friends can be hard. Don't give up.

  7. Hope you have fun meeting new people! It's one of my favorite things to do!

  8. I just ask DB to purchase stamps when he stops to get the mail, we have our delivered to a post box, so getting stamps is not a big deal. Of course, we never seem to have any but that is a whole separate issue.
    Enjoy your weekend visit from your daughter!

  9. I'm with you on trying to "expand the friend circle." It seems like it's so hard for women to connect these least in person. It's pretty easy online. Bible study is a great place to start. On the advice of a dear friend, who is also a pastor, I've really been opening myself up and reaching out at the study I go to. I'm not really doing anything with the ladies outside of the meetings but we've worked up to sharing at the meetings and hugging. It's progress. :)

  10. The women's Bible study sounds like a good place to find some new friends--it worked for me! I like mums but we don't have any. I can walk to the post office to get stamps on my break at work--very convenient.