Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glade Expressions Product Review

So I received coupons from BzzAgent to try out the new Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist products for free. I also received coupons that I could pass out to others to try out the products too.

I really had to search for these products. My local Walmart SuperCenter didn't have them. What's up with that? So I went across town and SuperTarget had a limited supply. There are four fragrances (Cotton/Italian Madarin, Fuji Apple/Cardamom Spice, Lavender/Juniper Berry, Pineapple/Mangosteen). Only two of those seemed interesting (really you should have plain old vanilla because I like it). I got the oil diffuser in apple and the mist in pineapple. I figured it would be best to try out the two that I liked, plus the store actually had them in stock. After a comical check out (the register kept trying to give me the full coupon value eventhough the products weren't that much) I ended up paying my sales tax and leaving the store.

I set up my oil diffuser in my bedroom. Its a big room and I like it to smell. I find that candles and small oil diffusers just don't do the job so I wanted to test this out. The good news is that this oil diffuser packs a punch and it really does make the room smell. I'm going on three weeks now and it is supposed to last for 30 days. I'd say it is going to make it and probably go longer. Big Plus! This is a different apple smell than you are used to. It definitely takes the cardamom and make it very present. Not bad but not exactly what I want.

Now the bad news. I think it is ugly. I'm not a big one for decorating (anyone who has been to my house knows that) but I think it looks like plastic. It is white but I've seen some that look more wood grained. I would have liked that better for sure. I certainly wouldn't put it in my living room.

The Fragrance Mist is touted as being replaceable. You keep the outside and can change out the scents. Neat concept if it worked. First of all the plastic holder is ugly. No other word to describe it. It is supposed to be designed to be left out and not look bad but I've got that thing hidden away in the bathroom. I also don't think the scent lasts very long. I've spritzed three-four times each time and the smell is there briefly. I won't be getting any refills for this. I have found a really cool little product at Walmart that is powerful and packs a punch in a little silver container. I'll stick with that for bathroom smells.

This is my second product review for BzzAgent. I'm afraid I've been negative twice now (although this one was half positive). Hopefully I'll still be able to review products. They do say they want honest opinions.


  1. I like honest reviews...they keep me from spending my money!

  2. I can always tell when someone gives a glowing review just to keep getting products to review. I stop reading them.

    I like that your honest. What's the point otherwise? I do think your funny because of the "They should have vanilla. Because I like it." Great rationale there Tracy. heehee Okay Glade, get on it. Tracy sez.

    I am really interested in the diffuser because I want something that lasts. I usually don't buy products like this because it seems that people are just trying to mask other smells in their home and they wear off so quickly. The apple scent interests me [because I like that smell :)] and if it lasts, bravo.

    But honestly? Who in the heck wants their house to smell like pineapple? Really? Except on vacation I don't expect to walk into someone's home and smell that particular fruit. At least the apple could be a pie or a cake baking.

    And I agree - they are ugly, but if I did buy one, no one would ever be in my bedroom [except for family] anyway - and if I put it in a high traffic area I would conceal behind a piece of furniture that wasn't flush to the wall, so it would work, but not damage the furniture.

    I am sure they will invite you back to review more stuff. I look forward to your honesty.

  3. *you're instead of your x 2

    Sorry, I'm tired. I have been cleaning my bedroom all day. And doing laundry. The bed - I can hear it calling me. heehee

  4. I appreciate the honesty. When I read a glowing review I always wonder what they got in return for it. Yeah, I can be a bit of a cynic. :/ I agree on the ugly factor. I don't think they are pretty at all.