Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fragments - Finally It Feels Like Fall

Mrs. 4444 hosts the weekly empty your mind of fragments party. She's been doing this a lot longer than I have.

Mommy's Idea

The weather finally got colder. Although I didn't expect it to be 35 degrees this morning. Somehow we are skipping the 60-70 range. It's going to be a cold one for all those football people Saturday night as our game is on national tv. I'll be watching in the comfort of my home with a fire going. See I'm smart like that.

I've even turned on the space heater in my office. One of the best gifts Dan has given me for Christmas. I work in an ice box.

I'm doing a bible study on Jonah and last night something struck me. So time to ponder on it for awhile.

Don't you love it when you think you've been doing extra for someone and then they send an email saying they aren't getting any support from you at all. What's up with that? Now they definitely won't be getting anything extra from me.

If you watch College Gameday on ESPN this weekend, you'll see part of our beautiful campus. They are actually going to be in a pretty spot instead of the last time they were here and were at the track.

In one week I'll be in Washington DC. I'm sure all the pretty leaves will have been knocked off the trees from the storm that is coming their way. Darn, I was hoping to see beauty.

Stupid criminal of the week was a bank robber who turned around and went back to the bank to complain they hadn't given him the $20K he asked for. The police were there investigating and arrested him. Lesson to be learned...don't complain about the money you just stole.

This is as close to pumpkin carving as I will come this year so enjoy!


  1. I love the vibe college campus' give off. There is always so much energy on them.

  2. Okay, which game/campus? I'll watch for sure now. :)

    Hey, I'm thinking a space heater is a good idea! I could just set it right in front of me during the day when I'm just sitting,then I wouldn't have turn the heat up for the whole house!

  3. We're in the path of Frankenstorm?...ugh. I am hoping our landscaping project, currently about half way done, holds. I heard we could get four-six feet of rain. So glad we thought to have the gutters cleaned early!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. I'm also wondering which campus 'cause I FOR SURE watch some of College Game Day. Usually not ALL of it 'cause I watch FOOTBALL all the rest of the day - - - so I give my eyes a break from the TV for PART of the morning.

    I keep hearing bloggers and commenters talking about Frankinstorm. Hmmmmm - - - when one lives in the middle of Central Wisconsin, one tends to forget that hurricanes even happen - - - unless one is referring to the Miami Hurricanes.

  5. Ok well first, I laughed at the bank robber! If I ever go bad, that's exactly what will happen to me!

    I just can't imagine weather that cold! Brrrr! But I would surely stay in for the game in front of the fire too!

    I was recently reading a book on Jonah and now I can't think of the name of the book so I'll have to go find it now!

    I hope you don't get into any of the bad weather! My nephew is going to DC next weekend for the first time and is so upset about the storm.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm!

  6. The bank robber needs to choose a better profession; he's just not cut out for his first choice!

    Our temps nose-dived here, t0pshirt weather for 2 days and wet and grab a coat this morning. Crazy!

  7. I just drove back from Florida and the trees were from North Carolina to Pa. were just gorgeous. I'm sure you are right though and Sandy will knock them all off. I wonder how long it will take them to dry (the leaves)
    Have a great time in DC!

  8. Well, that bank robber sounds like a candidate for the Darwin awards. Doh!

    I love being able to get a peek at the campuses of the schools who are playing. I've visited lots of the midwestern Big 10 campuses, but there isn't much time to see the beauty of them.

  9. It's feeling like fall here (in Alabama) too. I love the cooler temps and beautiful leaves.

    I wanted to drop by and thank you for leaving me a suggestion on my blog for something I could do with my long winter evenings. I like the ideas of puzzles. I have several I could pull out of the closet and work again. It's been a while since I've worked any of them.

  10. My space heater runs year round. It is always cold in our office, the air kicks on at 7am sharp. Georgia weather is doing the same thing, Friday it was 80 yesterday it was 60. Now if it would only rain!

  11. Stupid, stupid bank robber!
    I missed gameday competition.
    Maybe all of the leaves won't be gone by the time you get to DC. It is beautiful there in the fall!