Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hodgepodge - The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Joyce provided her 99th version of questions this week. Can't wait for next week.

1. So, do you like beer?
I like light colored beer like Corona. I don't drink it very often. Sometimes at wine tastings they have beer and it is always dark. Yuck.

2. What's your least favorite repetitive task?
Dusting. Round and round my arm goes and yet the dust keeps coming back.

3. When was the last time you rode a bus? Where was it headed?
Last bus ride I took was this summer into Denali National Park. It was nine hours long but it had great scenery.

Denali is way back there

4. What song from your childhood or from your own children's childhood could make a parent's nerves stand on end?
The Barney song. That big purple dinosaur was a close part of our family for a few years and really I've heard that song way too many times.

5. The US Presidential election cycle is drawing to a close (can I get an AMEN??), and the third and final debate was held last night...what was the last thing you 'debated about'?
Maybe where to stay on vacation? I can't say I really call anything debating.

6. Can a person make too much money? How much is too much?
Is the question are some people overpaid? Yes some are. But can you make too much money? No. It all depends on what you do with the money.

7. Pop-soda-coke-something else...what's it called where you live?

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I mailed my absentee ballot in on Tuesday. So now I have voted. Can the ads please stop? (Although in Oklahoma we don't seem to have too many since there aren't too many contested races here).


  1. We are on the same page with Barney! I still know that song by heart...and it's been years since I watched him with my daughter. I've always wanted to go to Denali National Park being that I'm a huge lover of nature.

  2. Dusting... I just hate it because I dust & a few hours later, I swear, it doesnt even look like I touched it

  3. A Denali bus ride looks lovely! May have to add that to the bucket list.

    Dusting was my # 2, but I can usually talk one of my kids into doing that chore. :)

  4. So funny we answered a lot of the same. I don't like dark beer either now my hubby the darker the better! Yuck! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Denali is on my list of places to go...such beautiful scenery!

  6. I have often said, it's never about how much money you make, it's how much you spend. I have a friend who has a lot of money coming in, and she often says she's never been as happy as those first days when they ere married, making peanuts, but owing NOTHING in debt.

  7. Ugh, I forgot about dusting. For sure!