Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The October Version of TV Reviews

So most of the shows have started up (except for Nashville, that's tonight). Because I don't have anything else to talk about and I'm sure you are waiting for my opinions on the fall season, here you go.

Scripted Shows

Revenge - AWESOME! Only two episodes into the year and I am counting the days until the next one. That's always a good sign. If you haven't seen this, think GOOD night time soap opera. Because it really is one.

Person of Interest - I was worried second season wouldn't start off well but I was wrong. Another great show if you need something to watch. It makes you think and has just enough based on reality to make you wonder if there is something out there like the machine.

Glee - Worried about this one. Although the last episode was redeeming it is now off for a month because of baseball. If it continues like the last episode great. If not, I may have to pass.

Once Upon A Time - yes a new entry to my normal watching. Whitney got me watching it and it comes on right before Revenge. If I miss one, it would be ok, but they sure have some great costumes and scenery in Fairy Tale Land.

Unscripted Shows (In Other Words Reality TV)

Project Runway - season almost over. I'm on Team Christopher or Melissa for the win. After this is over they are having another All Stars which I won't watch. Although our local contestant (Kayne Gillespie) is on it.

Amazing Race - this one gets DVR'd and I watch it when I can. I hate the food roadblocks and please make them do something. While the bull racing was fun to watch this week all the racers had to do was ride on the back of a motorcycle that someone else was driving. BORING.

Dancing with the Stars - I tried to watch this since it was All-stars and I'm a sucker for that. But this week's results show that continues to have the crappy dancers staying on (yes I'm talking to you Kirstie and Bristol) have ruined the show. Bye Bye Bye.

Top Chef - about to start new season. Yes I'll be watching.

Daytime TV

The Chew - yes I DVR this every day so I can watch it when I get home. I skip a lot of it but there is great chemistry among the hosts (except for Mario who I'm not sure why he is there). I've never cooked any of their dishes but I enjoy them. Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall and Michael Symon can come visit me any day.


  1. LOVE Revenge! I started watching Once Upon a Time, but I think I missed an episode and never back into watching it.
    I also missed Amazing Race. We watched it faithfully for the first couple of years, though.
    Looking forward to Top Chef!
    I've never heard of The Chew.

  2. Love person of interest. Like where it's going this season as well..